Two People, Two Glasses of Wine

We’re a couple, and we like wine.  And we’re young enough that our taste buds are still intact.  So, we’re on a mission to taste as many reds as we can, catalog our experiences, and share them with you.  It’s that simple.

Some wine blogs tell lengthy stories about the wine industry, the origins of grapes, cross-bred vines, and who knows what.  We think that stuff is really interesting, but we’re leaving it to the experts.  Our goal is to call it like we taste it.  We tell you: what we drank, how much we paid for it, and what we thought of it.  Then we tuck it away into a nice searchable format so that you can easily look up a price range, wine, or region and see what we said.  And, if you try it for yourself, you can post your own review too!

Oh, and outside this whole wine thing… A is a professor of nothing related to wine, and D is an artist and computer genius.


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