Esporão Monte Velho 2011 **

Alentejano, Portugal

Monte Velho

Price: $9.99
Grapes: Trincadeira (40%), Aragonez (40%), Castelão (20%)
Alcohol: 14%

From the Bottle:  “The wine shows integrated spicy ripe fruit and oak characters, with a balanced and well rounded palate, good body and a soft tannic structure.”

A says:
Rating: **
Color   Purple with rosy edges
Smell   Musty cough drops
Taste   This wine is dry, with a bit of  butterscotch that really could be great. Unfortunately, it’s also sour to a degree that is downright unpleasant. I had a hard time finishing my glass.  Definitely two stars.

D says: 
Rating: **
Smell   Grape
Taste   It’s acidic.  The sour flavor overpowers anything else.  It’s drinkable, but not very good.  I also give it two stars.  I wouldn’t go for seconds.

Verdict:  The monotone black label reminds us of the monotone acid flavor.  Even with a $10 price tag, this wine still isn’t worth it.  It wasn’t so bad we couldn’t drink it, but it was bad enough that we weren’t really interested in finishing it.  In fact, there’s some still left in the bottle, and it’s probably going down the sink.  That said, it did contribute to an absolutely delicious shepherd’s pie recipe – so it gets high marks for cooking.

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Jose Maria Da Fonseca Periquita 2010 ***

Peninsula de Setubal, Portugal

Price: $9.99
Grapes: Castelão (74%), Trincadeira (14%), Aragonez (12%)
Alcohol: 13%

From the Bottle: “One of the most iconic wines from Portugal, Periquita was first produced in 1850.  Youthful and fruity, with delicate spice notes, Periquita celebrates the laid-back, warm and relaxed Portuguese way of life.”

A says:
Rating: ***
Color  Dark cherry red
Smell  Fruity, cherry scent with a hint of acetone and cough syrup
Taste  This wine has a relatively smooth flavor with a slightly bitter aftertaste.  The cough syrup hint doesn’t quite go away when you drink it, but it isn’t terrible. It’s somewhat reminiscent of a cheap Italian restaurant.  Think pizzas and skee ball.

D says:
Rating: ***
Color  Pretty dark
Smell  Fruity
Taste  It’s sweet and mellow at first, but as the meal dragged on it became less appealing.  At first I said “okay,” then I said “meh.”  For the price, it’s totally acceptable.  Mostly I will drink it because I wish to be tipsy.

We didn’t hate it, but we won’t be buying it again.  There’s a fair chance the rest of the bottle will end up in a wine sauce.  If you take it to a party, your wallet won’t hurt and your hosts won’t be horrified. But, even for $10, you can do better.

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