Feronda Reserva 2008 3.5 Stars

Rioja, Spain

Price: $18.99
Grapes: Tempranillo
Alcohol: 13.5%

From the Bottle:  Nada!

A says:
Rating: ***
Color   Dark red
Smell   Oak, ripe fruit, and something that reminds me of rain.
Taste   I have to admit, I liked the smell better than the taste (D said the opposite, as you’ll see).  I thought it was a bit acidic, which combined undesirably with a hint of coffee flavor.  That said, it was an enjoyable bottle – definitely above average.  But it left me slightly dissatisfied, and given the price tag, I’m calling it a three.  I’m okay with how much we paid for it, but I don’t think I would buy it again.

D says: 
Rating: ****
Smell   It smells a little like bleach.
Taste   Okay, so maybe that wasn’t the most inviting smell.  Or maybe I was sniffing the wrong thing before I got around to taking a whiff of this.  At any rate, it’s actually pretty tasty.  It has nice fruity flavors combined with some bitterness.  I like it, but it’s a little too expensive for what it is.  I’m giving it four stars.

Verdict:  This was some fancy wine.  Rioja is supposed to produce some of Spain’s finest wines, and Feronda has the special awesomeness label (Denominacion de Origen Califcada). It tasted good, and we’d be happy to see it sometime at a party, even if we probably wouldn’t buy it again ourselves.  This is the best tasting Spanish wine we have tried so far, but it is also by far the most expensive.  This balanced out to earn it just a slightly higher rating than the other Spanish wines we’ve tried.

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El Bombero Grenache Cariñena 2011 ***

Cariñena DO, Spain

Price: $10.99
Grapes: Grenache
Alcohol: 15%

From the Bottle: Aside from the name, the label doesn’t say much.  The seal, however, reminds us that this is “legitimo.”

A says:
Rating: ***
Color   Deep red, almost violet
Smell   Sweet, taffy-like
Taste   This wine give a bold burst of fruit at the first sip, then slowly tapers off into a bitter chocolate.  The flavor is very rich, which is surprising because it didn’t have a very strong smell.  The fruitiness is a little overwhelming, but in the end, the dark chocolate flavor seems to dominate.  I’m giving this wine three stars for a good lingering aftertaste, even though the initial flavor isn’t the best.

D says: 
Rating: ***
Smell   Very light, sugary sweet nose
Taste   This wine has an interesting, caramelized sugar sweetness to it.  It reminds me of chocolate and cherries.  At first taste I really like it, but after a full glass I’m less sure.  I did think that it was an excellent accompaniment for the very acidic red sauce we ate with our ravioli this evening.

Verdict: Overall, this wine is satisfactory for the price, and with the right meal, could be quite good.  We enjoyed it, and we would drink it again, but we’d probably pass it over at the wine store in favor of something new.

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